Call for Applications

A unique opportunity for Protestant students of Theology

As a scholarship holder at the Centro Melantone, you will spend approximately ten months (two semesters, from September until June) in Rome. During that time, you will be afforded the unique opportunity to study Protestant theology at the Waldensian Faculty of Theology (Facoltà Valdese di Teologia), as well as Roman Catholic theology at the various Pontifical Universities. Rome is the ideal location for pursuing studies in fields such as Church History, Christian Archaeology, and Ecumenical Studies.
As a Protestant student at the Pontifical Universities in Rome, you will have the opportunity to engage in ecumenical dialogue. As a member of a Protestant student group from different countries and various denominations, you will be living and studying in the heart of the Roman Catholic world and have a truly unique ecumenical experience.
Thus, for all those who are advanced students of Protestant theology and are interested in Rome and its (church) history and who wish to encounter Christians from different denominations and backgrounds, Rome might be exactly the right place.



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