The programme consists of seminar-like blocks (lecture and discussion, text reading) and topic-related visits on site, especially to St Paul’s Basilica including a visit to the adjoining monastery.

Lectures are planned:

  • Rome in the Acts of the Apostles, Jens Schröter (Berlin)
  • How ‘Roman’ is the Letter to the Romans? Paul and the believers in Christ in Rome, Markus Öhler (Vienna)
  • “Visitation of Nero” – the martyrdom of Paul and the Acts of Peter, Thomas Kraus (Zurich/Regensburg)
  • Paul in early Roman theology: Tatians Ad Greacos, Josef Lössl (Cardiff)
  • The Apostle Paul and his texts in the urban Roman worship of late antiquity and the early Middle Ages, Christoph Markschies (Berlin)
  • Eucharist and Memoria. On the spatial design and liturgical use of the late antique basilica of St Paul in Rome, Martin Wallraff (Munich)

Your own contributions are very welcome – in the form of a paper (approx. 20 min.), if it is related to the overall topic, or in the form of a short project presentation (5-10 min.), if it is about the presentation of your own qualification work. Participation without an own contribution is of course also possible.

A publication following the seminar is conceivable; the possibilities will be explored on site.