Centro Melantone

The Melantone Centre is the ecumenical study centre founded in 2002 by the Lutheran Evangelical Church in Italy (ELKI/CELI) and the Waldensian Faculty of Theology. The Centre is meant as a platform for evangelical theologians from all over Europe who wish to study in depth the Christian metropolis of Rome in its various aspects.

The most important activities of the Melantone Centre are the annual and summer study courses in Rome, both targeted at non-Italian students of theology. The Centre also organises conferences and refresher courses for international theologians who are active in the scientific-academic domain as well as the pastoral one.

In addition to the founding institutions, the Evangelical Church in Germany (EKD), the Evangelical Lutheran Community of Rome and the Evangelical Church of Württemberg (Ev. Landeskirche in Württemberg) currently offer financial support to the Centre’s activities. It is also possible to support specific projects, something which over the past years has joined many other partners to the Centre’s activity. In addition, there exists an Association of Friends of the Melantone Centre, with the goal to promote the Study Centre.