Annual Theology Programme



The course includes accompanying students and tutoring them about the Roman Universities. You will be able to deepen your experiences and reflect. Because of this, Centro Melantone offers a tutoring program:

• At the start of the winter semester you will be introduced into the world of the University of Rome;

• At the start and end of the academic year there will be ecumenical study excursions;

• Every semester there will be a week-end seminar in Rome on a referral theme;

• Monthly meetings will be held with the candidates for priesthood of the German and Hungarian College;

• Rites organized by the students themselves, will be celebrated regularly;

• We offer sightseeing tours of Rome and suburbs and meetings with interesting figures of the Church;

• The program includes an intensive language course of four weeks in September. Basic knowledge of the Italian language is a requirement before arriving in Rome.


The student quarters of Centro Melantone are located on the second floor of the building in Via Aurelia Antica 391. Most of the theology students will reside there. The 10 en suite rooms equipped with telephones and internet connections, are practical and modern. There is also an excellent common kitchen. Washing machines and dryers are available for a small fee.

You may request information from the secretariat on the rooms available and the conditions.


Alexandra Damm
Via Aurelia Antica, 391,
00 165 Roma
Telephone: 0039-06-66030104  int. 101, Fax: 0039-06-66017993
Office hours: Monday-Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 13:30
How to get there: by bus from the main station Metro A towards “Battistini“ up to “Cornelia“ station: proceed with bus nr. 889 towards Mazzacurati. After four stations get off at the bus stop “Aurelia Antica – Torre Rossa” (bus passes every 12 minutes); or else: bus nr. 892 going towards Aldobrandeschi (every 20 min.), then walk about 200 m.
There are also possibilities for accommodation at the Valdese Faculty Boarding School. The rooms are fully furnished, with bathroom in common. Internet connections are available for a small fee. The telephones in the hallways can be accessed with international phone cards. There is a big terrace for the community accessible from all the rooms. All the residents of the Boarding School can freely use the Valdese Faculty’s library. For information, write to the Boarding School Director (Via Pietro Cossa 42). The rooms are fully furnished, with common bathrooms. Internet connections are available for a small fee.   
Joanna Swieczinska
Via Pietro Cossa, 42
00193 Rome
Tel: +39.06.3611649
Fax: +39.06.3201040
Office hours: Mon – Fri from 8:00 a.m. to 13:00
How to get there:
From the main station by Subway A going to  Battistini up to Lepanto stop; then a 10-min. walk or take buses 30, 70, 280, 913 going to Piazza Cavour. From Fiumicino airport take the train going to Orte or Fara Sabina up to the Station of Roma Ostiense. Then take bus nr. 280 to Piazza Cavour.
Due to numerous requests,  accommodation facilities are limited during the academic year. Those who do not wish to make use of them may look for accommodations in Rome.
Subsidies from Centro Melantone

• Enrollment in the Valdes Faculty and related school taxes are shouldered by Centro Melantone;

• Subsidies for the Pontifical University school taxes;

• The costs for ecumenical study trips will be subsidized for a maximum amount of 200 € per trip;

• The costs for seminars and sightseeing are paid for by Centro Melantone;

• The intensive language course in September is subsidized by one of the best language schools in Rome. Each student will have to contribute 450 €.