Bar & Clubs


In the student quarter of San Lorenzo there are countless bars offering drinks at reasonable prices. There are also numerous bars in the Testaccio neighbourhood.

The Basement can also be found in the faculty area. This bar belongs to a Thuringian who came to Rome because of his ex-girlfriend… and then opened this bar, where there are events from time to time and above all a good selection of (draught) beers.



The Ex Dogana is located in the student quarter and offers a very wide range of parties. There are usually two or three different areas. Note: The volume doesn’t seem to adhere to any EU standards and some of the speakers don’t really belong in a club any more. But that’s what makes the place special.

To enter some clubs (e.g., the Monk) you have to show a kind of annual membership in an association: the ARCI. It sounds complicated, but it’s easy: you just register at the entrance and get a membership card for 5-8 €. At some clubs you register on the internet beforehand and then get the membership card there. The ARCI organisation is relatively left-wing and counts many Roman clubs among its members. They often organise solidarity events, exhibitions or concerts. With the card, entry is either free or greatly reduced.

On Facebook, you can also look for Erasmus parties, to which you can sometimes get admission at a reduced rate even with a normal student card and a self-confident appearance.

(Testamento dei Melantonini p.12)

There are several clubs in the party district of Testaccio. The AKAB often hosts Erasmus parties and is known for its reggaeton party on Saturday nights. The location itself is not as interesting as the Ex-Dogana, but if the music is right (check the DJs on Facebook beforehand), it’s a great place to hang out.

In Garbatella is the Circolo degli Illuminati. The place has 3 floors plus a small open-air area where you can often hear disco soul from the 70s and something like this. There is usually a live band in the “early” evening around 22:30. The ambience is pleasant and the club is usually packed – and rightly so!