Italian Cuisine


There are countless restaurants offering tasty pizza and pasta. The city centre should perhaps be bypassed in view of the tourist-influenced prices. You should also not be put off by the outward appearance: Often, ratty places are the ones that conjure up the best pizza from their stone ovens and come up with a “noble” house wine. Here is a small selection of places we can recommend with a clear conscience:

I Gerani da Peppe is an absolute classic in the rather small-town neighbourhood behind the student hostel. The extremely friendly family business seems to have simply converted a garage. The pizzas would not fit on any plate in the world and are therefore served with practical scissors. Eternal glory goes to whoever finishes the pizza. But you can also share the whole thing or simply take the rest with you. The “Pizza Peppe” is recommended for guests to try, with its different thirds. Regulars can also ask for the family’s daily recommendations to try something different. Note: Closed on Sundays.

One of the best pizzerias in Rome is located in the student quarter of San Lorenzo. The rustic restaurant Formula Uno is definitely worth a visit – the supplì (small fried rice balls) are also not to be scorned as a starter.

In Trastevere, the Ristorante Carlo Menta offers pizzas at extraordinarily reasonable prices, which is otherwise rather untypical for the district.

In Prati, within walking distance of the faculty, is the Pizzeria l’Archetto (Via Germanico 105). The wood-fired pizza is excellent, but so are the starters (especially the fritti misti).

A good place to eat “real Roman” (tripe, oxtail and other specialities) is the cute Trattoria da Alfredo e Ada (Via die Banchi Nuovi 14). It is not possible to book in advance, but you will be served a glass of wine on the street to shorten the waiting time.

For a quick snack in between, the pizza a taglio (slice pizza) is the classic. Forno Campo de’ Fiori and La Boccaccia in Trastevere are recommended. Near the faculty, you can also get pizza a taglio at Al volo – here you can even try excellent pizza with wholemeal dough.



The classic aperitivo is a great and inexpensive way to have some specialities alongside a drink. The concept is usually this: you order a drink and then you can help yourself to the buffet. It’s best to look around to see if the people at the surrounding tables go to the buffet several times or refrain from doing so so as not to attract unpleasant attention. In some bars, they simply bring some kind of cheese and sausage platter to the table.

In San Lorenzo you will find ZeroZero100. The buffet is very rich and is always freshly stocked. The cheapest cocktails including buffet are available for a good €10-11. On Thursdays from 10.30 p.m. there is a drink for €8 with a kind of dessert buffet that doesn’t blow your mind, but is worth trying out. Reservations recommended.

The Momart Cafè also offers a rich buffet for aperitivo.

If you don’t want a buffet, Caffè Portofino (Piazza Cola di Rienzo, 116, near the Facoltà) offers a high-quality aperitivo.

Also, near the faculty, Route 66 offers an aperitivo in the evening for €5 during happy hour, accompanied by a small platter of appetisers.

In Ostiense, Doppiozeroo offers an excellent buffet with a delicious cocktail in a nice atmosphere for €10.



One of the most traditional ice cream parlours is Giolitti near the Pantheon. There are many tourists here, but the selection and quality justify the great interest. The sundaes, unfortunately quite expensive, are also exquisite.

Also, near the Pantheon, you walk past Gelateria della Palma, which is more recognisable from the outside by the simple number 150. This shop offers 150 different types of ice cream in various forms (ice cream, sorbet, mousse). Accordingly, trying to sample all the varieties and shapes is a study-year-long endeavour that is worth the effort alone.

Around the corner from the faculty is the exceptionally good Gelateria Neve di Latte, which also has sorbet on offer. If you like, you can have a variety of chocolates in your waffle or on your ice cream.

La Romana is a chain of gelaterias that also impresses with quality – one branch is near the Facoltà on the way to Piazza del Popolo.

Near the Gregoriana is Wonderful Ice Cream – a shop that may not look authentically Roman from the outside. However, the ice cream – especially the fruit varieties – are really tasty.

On the same street as the Pizzeria Formula Uno in San Lorenzo is the Grangel Granite & Gelato ice cream parlour. In summer and autumn, an elderly Sicilian lovingly serves his customers there, but the service is also very friendly in other respects – often well into the night. The excellent ice cream is wonderful as a dessert after a pizza or – if you take a little diversion – on your way home from Ex Dogana.

Near the student hostel on Via Bravetta is the good ice cream parlour Cono D’Oro.


(Testamento dei Melantonini p. 11)