Call for Applications

Call for Applications

The academic year in Rome offers a remarkable opportunity to:

• study in a Pontifical University and in the Valdes Faculty of Theology;

• acquire ecumenical experience and reflect within an International group of evangelical students;

• discover the city in which the history of the Church is a tangible reality.

The theological academic year in Rome offers theology students the chance to study in the Evangelical Valdese Faculty and the Pontifical University of Rome after an entrance test.

The course is offered yearly and lasts 10 months from September to June of the next year. It is divided into semesters as in the Roman Universities.

Rome is the fulcrum around which the history of churches and Christian archeology revolves. Being able to delve into the origins of Rome, early period of the Jewish community and ancient Rome in the original sites, makes the study of theology even more exciting.

The academic year in Rome features the deep involvement with modern Roman Catholicism, and European Protestantism in its reformed and Lutheran orientation.

It offers the possibility to study ecumenical theology, discover dialog concretely practiced in Rome, and confront oneself spiritually and in practice with the other students during the course and seminars. The academic year furthermore, offers the opportunity to reflect and deepen ecumenical experiences within the group of ecumenical theology students of various religious denominations and nationalities.

Those studying advanced theological courses, or interested in the history of Rome and in meeting Christians of other religious denominations and origins will find the academic year fully satisfying.