Apply for the Annual Programme


Deadline for enrollment

For every academic year there are two deadlines for enrollment (new up 2019/20): September 15th and  January 15th. For the first date it is not necessary to bring the certification of  knowledge of the Italian language. If you receive a provisory promise you have to bring it until January 15th.

Please send your application in one PDF file via e-mail to: and

 Within one week, you will receive a notice of arrival via e-mail. If not, please contact the administration office ( immediately.

Your application to join the study programme will be reviewed by the Board of Directors together with the Board President, during the Board meeting to be held after the deadline for enrollment. You will receive an acceptance letter or letter of refusal via e-mail until 6 weeks after the deadline for enrollment.

The application should contain:

• the reasons for the application;

• a CV with ID photo;

• a presentation of your educational background with an indication of your study and work aims;

• your religious denomination;

• two reference letters from university teachers;

• a copy of at least one report card (with grades) on the Italian language: you need to demonstrate that your knowledge of the Italian language corresponds to having attended at least two semesters in an Italian language course of two hours or a one-semester course of more hours at University, that will allow you to participate actively in the seminar discussions.

When applying you have to consider that Centro Melantone can neither bear the total sum of tuition fees nor the full accomodation rent in Rome nor the travel expenses . You are strongly advised to procure a subsidy on time, through a scholarship agency (for example in the Villigst agency in Germany or a Schooling Foundation). Together with the Lutheran World Foundation there are awarded scholarships for the academic courses in Rome. Deadline for the application for scholarship is January 1 each year. For further information consult:

Centro Melantone has a scholarship fund for students from Eastern Europe that will be assigned to students who will not receive other forms of support.